Snapgroup for Travel Agents

In almost every tour agency there’s a department that handles organised tours for groups. In addition, there are quite a few independent group organisers who specialise in specific tour destinations. The Snapgroup system provides exactly the solution for this purpose!

In Snapgroup, as an online system, you can plan and organise your trip easily, efficiently and with maximum comfort. Using an easy step-by-step group creation process, you will can set a group plan, select dates and preferences, select services, and much more.

You can search the system for suppliers suitable for you or those you usually work with or add new ones. You can invite participants to the group, send them documents and ask them for required documentation. You can offer them a list of equipment for the trip, display a map of the trip in Google dynamic maps, and also see all of them on a location map during the trip, define and display the list of suppliers and services desired. You can also view the tour plan, for every day location next to location and more, including the list of services for that day and other relevant information.

Snapgroup will help you reduce costs, facilitate planning of the trip, shorten the time of setting up the trip, provide an interesting and innovative experience for the participants of the trip and enrich your trips with more interesting and enjoyable added values.

Snapgroup is an innovative system that operates via a web system where you, the travel agents and the organisers of the groups, can create new groups, organise tours, and manage the entire trip and group members in one place. At the same time, your tour participants will download the app on their mobile devices and from that moment on they will be part of the trip enjoying the control and flexibility that previously were impossible in
organizing group travel.

Snapgroup is the ultimate new tool for travel agents who want to organise groups for tours, short trips or single events.

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