Snapgroup for tourism suppliers

Whether you represent a hotel, a restaurant or a museum, you can open a complete profile in Snapgroup that you can update daily. In this profile you can display business information about your brand, corporation or business. The profile can be updated regularly to fit your price chart, changes in activity, terms of service and more. You can add photos, contact details and all relevant information for a business profile. Management of the business profile and your services is conducted through the Snapgroup website (click here to register or sign in).

In addition to managing the profile, the Snapgroup system operates on your behalf! The more you invest in designing and managing your profile, the better it will look for group consumers. Group organisers will be asked to address you for quotes, service conditions, and so on. At any given moment, in real time, you may receive a new request for services. The group organisers are the ones who are looking for you. They are the ones who read and review your profile and are the ones who decide to send you a request for services.

In your business profile, you will receive new broadcast requests, where you will find all the details of the group that asks for your services: number of participants, dates, accessibility needs, budgets and more. You can reply to these broadcast requests with a quote and a request for additional details you may like to provide to the group organisers. From the moment you answer the broadcast request, we will open a channel for direct negotiations between you and the group organisers.

Want to find group consumers? Want large quantities of orders? In Snapgroup, any request for services represents a group and not an individual. You may get an order of 20, 50 or 150 people, all of Snapgroup’s users belong to groups in various sizes and therefore the potential of the deals you get from Snapgroup will be significantly greater than any other advertising platform you choose.

Service providers in Snapgroup enjoy technological innovation and business conceptual innovation. The power of mass buying is used and emphasised in Snapgroup in a highly focused way in order to connect you with the right group organisers and customers.

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