Snapgroup for group members

Want to go on an organised trip to China? To join a pilgrimage to Jerusalem? Download the Snapgroup app and enjoy a rich selection of interesting groups: from organised trips to one-time productions such as concerts or visits to an amusement park.

When joining a group of any kind, Snapgroup provides you with both an intimate and social experience. Whether the welfare managers at your work invite you to an activities day, or whether you signed up for an organised trip to the North Pole, every fun and interesting group travel experience begins as soon as you join Snapgroup.

The user experience at Snapgroup is unique and original. This is no longer a cold and boring tourist app. In Snapgroup you can find all of your friends, those you’re on a trip with, as well as other people going on other trips. People love to discover new and exciting places and create memorable experiences, and we at Snapgroup know how to translate your needs and wishes into an easy to use and responsive digital language.

In Snapgroup, we provide a wide set of tools to manage and handle a group. You can send information about yourself; meet other people in a group; take part in a private chat; email or send and receive documents from the group organisers or manager; check an itinerary and stay updated on changes; actively participate in voting on trip services and much, much more.

Snapgroup is an ongoing experience! Even when the tour or event has finished, you can always relive your experiences through posts, messages, snaps, and videos. It is always fun to return and re-experience the trip, sharing wonderful memories!

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