Snapgroup charges a fee for each group you add. The first group is on us!

At Snapgroup, you will only pay for the publishing groups you create.

We know the group industry has stronger and weaker time periods. That is why we decided not to obligate our users to recurring monthly payments.

We will only charge you for activating the groups. You can create infinite numbers of groups for free and only pay for activating them.

For this purpose, we have provided you with GROUP CREDITS.

You can purchase a single group credit or buy a package of several credits at once for a discount.

Each time you activate a group you created you will be charged with one group credit.

This way you can buy credits once time and use them whenever you like.

At Snapgroup, we won’t charge your group members anything. For them its totally FREE!

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Snapgroup Pricing Plan


£9One time
  • Manage 1 Group


£29One time
  • Manage 5 Groups


£49One time
  • Manage 10 Groups


£99One time
  • Manage 25 Groups


  • Over 25 Groups

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