Features & Tools

We offer a variety of tools for managing tours and tour members in our marketplace.

Easy-to-Use Group planner

An advanced web-based system for creating and managing groups easily. You can add your existing tours or plan new tours in just a few clicks.

Integral Mailing System

Snapgroup users have a private mailbox where they can receive updates from tour leaders, get notifications on special tours and more. You can invite people to join your tour using text messages and push notifications.

Rating & Reviews

Every tour leader and service provider in Snapgroup can be rated by users. Users can submit reviews easily. Good or bad? – Your service will determine.


Tour leaders can create amazing itineraries with full description for each day of the tour. The group plan includes the schedule, the main theme of each day, and the services that will be used.


Tour leaders can set app waypoints along the trip route and display them on an interactive map. Tour participants can use the map to see the trip route in realtime.

Social Profiles

Tour leaders, service providers and users have a social profile where they can display themselves in a nice familiar way. Tour members can view other members and their profiles.

Your tour participants can contact you or one another on one central location.  Your organised tour becomes socially active.

Chat System

Snapgroup includes an advanced chat system where tour leaders can provide information about tours, connect with tour participants and share media with everyone. Tour members can connect and share their experience before, during and after the trip.

File Transfer System

The two-way file system allows tour leaders to provide documents that will be available for tour participants, and request certain documents to be uploaded by tour members.

Equipment Checklists

Tour leaders can set up a list of items each member should bring. Each item can be set as required or optional.

Tour participants will be able to check these items on the list and get reminder notifications about missing items.

Payment System

Tour leaders can set up their own payment system so tour participants can pay them directly. Snapgroup also provides a payment system for tour agents who prefer to get their payment through Snapgroup.

Service Providers

During the tour creation, you can select service providers such as hotels, restaurants, activities, etc. These service providers will be detailed on the tour itinerary along with a full social profile. Tour participants can rate these services. Attract your customers by telling them which brands you’re going to use in the tour.

And Plenty More

Our system is packed with dozens of other powerful tools that will make your job easier and more lucrative.

Snapgroup Team is constantly working on adding more amazing tools.

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