A word from the founders

As owners of a tourism company for over 14 years, we’ve established and have operated thousands of travel groups worldwide. All the professional travel agents dealing with group travel know that the biggest obstacle is getting sufficient exposure in order to get customers to join tours while using very outdated tools.

There are almost no modern technologies suitable for our activity.

For those familiar with the subject, it is not as easy to organise a travel group; coordinate the dates, request for passport copies and documents, receive payment for each of the participants in any method possible and so on, and that is before all difficulties arising in front of the suppliers – It’s a fairly large challenge to book several hotels for a group of 30 people, in several different locations on different dates, and the same can be said on other service providers. Create a tour, and manage it, is a highly complicated task.

When you accomplish this task, another challenge lays before you – How to expose this tour to as many customers as possible.

We’ve searched for a lot of solutions on the technological market – There is nothing that really answers our requirements.

As opposed to the solution rich private tourism market, the group travel market is left behind. There is no one single place where you can browse travel groups, compare them and join them.

Moreover, we found it hard to believe that there was no technological solution that will provide a different and enjoyable experience to our group members.

That’s how Snapgroup was born! We wanted a system that will include all our needs in one place – A mobile App!
Our vision was that a travel agent would be able to create a tourism group in a single hour and publish it in a marketplace in front of countless relevant customers.

In Snapgroup, the travel agent opens a group and manages it using all the required processes: Documents transfer, Itineraries, suppliers, payments, everything! All that’s needed for managing a travel group.

We have dreamed of creating something new for the end users, a new experience. It was very important for us to provide the group travel seekers with a sense of belonging and social vibe from the moment they search for a trip, during it and after it finishes. It’s terrible to watch the group participants move around with folders of printed pages for the itineraries, insurance, etc. – It’s just so outdated! So, we developed dozens of cool features for them! Now they can talk to each other and interact with the tour leader all from within the app.

Snapgroup is intended for all group managers whoever they are: Professional travel agents, tour guides, welfare and HR managers who want to take the employees on a retreat, school managers taking children to school trips, families planning an interesting trip and so on. Snapgroup is meant for whoever wants to organise a tour and get a quality exposure.

We wish you countless new customers for your tours.

Enjoy creating groups on Snapgroup.

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